Re-blog 17 negative stereotypes about bipolar disorder

Flawless post about many of the misconceptions associated with Bipolar Disorder. I am sure the same feelings hold true for sufferers of other mental illness as well. I was directed to this blog via following a tribe member of this blogger that posted some sad information …that this blogger  Blahpolar is no longer with us … not sure of the details but some friends of the blogger are hosting a remembrance on World Suicide Prevention Day, September 10th. Click on “view original post” for the full read.



The most frequently used search terms that usher visitors to my blog are: bipolar disorder stereotypes, bipolar stereotypes, negative stereotypes of bipolar disorder, stereotypes about bipolar disorder, negative stereotypes of bipolar, stereotypes of bipolar disorder – and they occur every. single. day. I googled ‘bipolar stereotypes’ and lo and behold, my most visited post ranked first. It’s time to expand on that ole thing. Stereotypes breed stigma, which can have terrible (and in some cases even terminal) consequences. Everything gets an ism, dear reader, and the applicable one here is ableism.

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