Seven months post thyroid surgery

For the most part, the past seven months without having a thyroid gland hasn’t been too bad. I must say, from what I have read of others experience…I had it easy. My only real complaint is the memory loss associated with the medication I now take. Prior to surgery, my memory was pretty stellar.  The hormone fluctuations were a bit of a struggle two weeks or so after surgery,  especially for someone who has bipolar, but it hasn’t been too bad I don’t think. Although I do think my slightly geared hyperthyroid state does contribute to anxiety. I will be asking the doc that very question on my follow up in two weeks. I think it’s pretty fascinating that it took two weeks after surgery for my body to figure out that my thyroid was gone and began to adjust to synthetic version of the hormones the thyroid used to make. My doctor was able to adjust me right away and that’s very uncommon. I am on the same exact dose I was prescribed from the beginning. My incision in the beginning wasn’t very attractive so say the least but it never really bothered. I think it bothered my family and friends though. That whole, “poor you” or the classic “I’m so sorry” pity look was given more often than not but here it is today, almost 7 months out and I have to say, it healed up pretty well. It took around one month for the swelling and bruising to subside. You can really only see it if you’re up close to my neck, and I don’t really just allow most people to do so. In fact, I had an episode of extreme anxiety just a few days ago because a woman was too close to me in the checkout line. I spilled chips and beans everywhere. Forgot to do that whole counting method trick. Luckily, I was able to go back to that restaurant a few days later and I wasn’t embarrassed. I eat from there almost everyday, it’s right outside my building so otherwise I don’t know how I would’ve received nutrients if I hadn’t been able to go back.

img_3407I do have some patchy red areas that have a few little raised bumps that have started forming over the last few weeks. Not sure what that is all about. I have lab work next week and then I see the endocrinologist (thyroid) on the 20th. The next test will be determined from the lab results. I’ll either have an ultrasound (if levels are low) first or a repeat whole body scan (if levels are high). This will tell us if the radioactive iodine worked. If it didn’t work then that will be repeated. I’m hoping that will not be the case as that diet really got the best of me. I still haven’t eaten a sweet potato since that time.

If you’re looking for a good scar treatment combination post surgery I would recommend Scar-away silicone strips (no longer prescription), bio-oil, and scar-away cream opposed to those expensive products that doctors sometimes prescribe. My surgeon was highly against those expensive products and I’m glad I took his advice.

A little person..couldn’t have been older than 7…. asked me today what happened to my neck (I was wearing a silicon strip) while I was picking up my to-go order at the tex mex establishment across the street. I replied back to her that I had my thyroid gland removed awhile back because it was evil. She asked me if it hurt and I then replied that it did not. She turned to her mom and told her that I was a superhero. Made my day…I am a superhero, in her eyes.

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