I’ve been summoned

As promised to My Side of Pole, I am finally getting around to responding to The Black Cat Sea Award which involves answering 3 questions the original blogger directs to you.

Questions from My Side of the Pole

If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would it be? Why?

Hmm…there are different variables that would lead to different destinations such as time of year, company (family, lover, friend), current state of mind, etc. If I had to choose at this very moment to book a trip I would have to go with Faroe Islands due to the appealing aesthestics of the islands natural landscape (the land is beautiful)…most of which has been preserved...and Jurassic Park (filmed there) of course. Here’s a link to see some of the beauty to which I speak:


           Peyto Lake in Alberta, Canada would come in a close second for obvious reasons.

If you had to choose to live without one of your five senses, which would you give up?  Why?

Sight, most definitely. When we lose one sense, all of the other senses are heightened. I attended an exhibit, “Dialogue in the Dark” and found that fact to be without fail. I absolutely wouldn’t be able to live without hearing music. I know that individuals who are deaf can also enjoy music, but it’s quite different. The sense of hearing (most important to me) and my big ears would allow me to still enjoy music and communicate with ease. Additionally, the remaining senses, touch, smell, and taste are equally important in their own way. Although I wouldn’t be able to “see” people I care about, movies, scenery, etc…I would still be able to use my imagination to create my own images. Touch, smell, and taste well those are needed to alert to danger, enjoy food, and be intimate with your lovers. Speaking of, imagine how incredible sex could be if 4 of your 5 senses were heightened. If you’ve never tried it, do so. In that case, I would still choose to lose sight because for me personally sex is about most importantly enjoyment (moreso for the woman) and for me, my own enjoyment is a achieved through the sounds, tastes, pheromones, and touch associated with the act. In order to really give a women great pleasure you have to really pay attention instead of being selfish. Especially when watching out for the one’s who fake those O’s to feed your ego. Why not try to get her there? There are two tell-tell signs that a woman is about to climax (I’m not telling you what that is but it involves touch and not has nothing to do with what you might be thinking) so pay attention and do your job. She deserves it. Not sure how I turned this into sex but so it goes. Yep, sight.

What words of wisdom do you wish you could say to yourself when you were a child?

Great question. Simply this…what do you have to lose?

Completely unrelated to this post but I don’t want to create a separate post for this announcement. I updated some thing today and finally have got around to updating the Tunes menu. It now has a subcategory “now playing” that lists current jams I am listening to. Hopefully it’ll spark some interest in some new music for a few. Give it an ear or two.

18 thoughts on “I’ve been summoned

  1. from losing your sight to women’s o’s…nice one 😉

    i don’t think I could give up my sight.. seeing colors, nature, art, people’s faces… all too important to me.. i’d have to choose taste. food can be over-rated sometimes… although i would miss chocolate cake 😉 {because I know you were wondering “what would lizzy choose…” lol}

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    1. Nice choice by you…for all the right reasons.

      Not sure why I took it there? I had to revise my statements. I’ll blame it on the Lithium. I’m just highly passionate when it comes to being upset with how some men just don’t pay attention and deliver…or fail to even care to do so.

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  2. do you really not remember… or are you wanting me to embarrass myself again? because if it is the latter.. i am very good at doing that for myself , thank you very much 😉 {obviously} If you really don’t remember.. reread my comment on your Life of Pets post- time stamped October 4, 2016 at 8:44 pm .sorry it was a once in a life time offer.. not to be repeated 😉

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  3. cheer up buttercup…it would never work out anyways… two sarcastic bipolars together.. omg that is either the best match in the world or the worst..lol!

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  4. The islands look amazing.

    Regarding your five senses, I was born with anosmia, meaning I have no sense of smell. I wish I could understand what smell is like, but it’s not something I think about that much. Judging from peoples reactions, I think there’s more bad smells than good smells in the world. One big negative is It does affect my sense of taste. My enjoyment from food is more the texture than the taste. I still think I wouldn’t want to trade it in for any other senses.

    There is danger with anosmia. I would never smell a gas leak, however there are stores that sell items specifically for that reason.

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    1. haha…you’re probably right by saying there are more bad smells that good…for me the scents that I would miss would be dog frito feet, food, women that smell good, food, the ocean, fresh cut grass, and pheromones (the good ones)…I hadn’t even thought about how sense of taste/smell go hand in hand…that would be tough but since you were born with it you have no idea it’s missing I suppose?

      Faroe islands..I can’t wait to go there someday.

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