Have any of you out there read the book, Hyperbole and a Half by author Allie Brosh? I gave it a read last year and I thoroughly enjoyed it. So much so that I have impatiently waiting for the release of her latest book, Solutions and Other Problems. The publishing release date keeps getting pushed further and further back so I finally decided to find the reasoning behind this madness. Well, her sister died in 2013 (obituary), she divorced after that, and a cancer scare and a lot of other shit. I have read that her sister struggled with Bipolar and as I have read on a few sources, she drove her car into a train. It takes a really brave person to take their own life. It truly does. With her sisters death, I’ll give Allie a pass on making me wait for her book. If you’ve never had the pleasure of reading the authors work, I highly recommend it if you are dealing with mental illness in any capacity. I’ll give you just a few tidbits, she has depression, she’s a very successful blogger who creates her own illustrations, her blogs/short stories are relate-able and speak to her struggles with depression…and she’s hilarious.

If you’re into podcasts, here is a podcast in which the author opens up about her sisters death and depression. The below is an interview and then followed by that is a reading from a snippet of the book. Additionally, here is the link to Allie’s blog, although it hasn’t been updated since 2013.

Have you ever found your kernel of corn?

How am I doing? I’m glad that you asked. My recovery from the surgery is going really well. Better than I could’ve imagined and better than the doctor’s told me it would go. That’s physically. Mentally …hmm, I have my good days and my bad days. My doc and I decided to forego increasing Latuda any further. I had more bloodwork done and I just metabolize the drug too fast for it to be as effective as it could be. If anyone out there had previously considered Latuda and you could not afford it, there are now coupons available on the manufacturers website in which you’ll only pay $15. The drug is about $950 without insurance per month so this is major. What we did agree on was adding something, a little something extra, just to give it a little kick — that kick would be, Lithium. It’s a very small dose. To be honest, I was terrified, absolutely terrified of the side effects, but she assured me that with the small dose I am on, that will be very, very slim. I guess we will see how it goes. So far, I have been able to dine in three eating establishments, yes three. I was able to get on four chairs in the sky (airplanes) with my family. I guess I should mention that I failed to get onto one airplane so there is that. Waste of money, but the second time around I made it after a lot, a lot, a lot of effort, deep breathing, and patience. I also had a job interview. And…I saw this guy live (I wasn’t able to stay for the entirety of the concert but that’s ok).


Next week will be busy, colonoscopy on Tuesday (see my prep below – I’m skeptical) and then I start a two week low iodine diet in preparation for the radioactive iodine treatment for the residual and metastatic thyroid cells and cancer. Once that is completed I will have a follow up scan in three to four days that will reveal how extensive the spread is at this point. I started having a low grade fever over the last few days and a cough. I hope I don’t have pneumonia. That wouldn’t be in my best interest. One of my old buddies has moved to the area in the last few weeks and he and his wife have been coming over with their little humans a few times per week and I must say, that makes me feel good. That’s all of my health news. School is going great still, no issues there.


I just received this in my email….Colon prep 3 day prior video (slightly…slightly comical but probably just to me)

This prep video tells me that today I should begin purchasing my liquid diet and reading material. Reading material? Do they mean reading material for the bathroom? I’m kind of a get it done and get out kind of guy. But I do wonder if I’ll have a smile on my face such as the one depicted in the instruction video? I want to smile…no, I want to grin..

Tomorrow is J’s 30th Birthday. I wish I that I could spend it with her. I do hope that wherever she will be, that she is happy and has the best birthday that one could have. We are no longer speaking. I sent her a flower arrangement but I’m not sure if she will be home to receive them and I purposely didn’t sign the card (so she wouldn’t know they’re from me – I just want them to make her smile). Hopefully they’ll get it right. I’ve always been very picky when it comes to flowers for her. I just hope she’s alive and doing well. The hardest part is not knowing if she is alive. Tomorrow will be one month since we spoke.

In happier news…

my Uber rating is a 4.7 (out of 5)


ha…I ticked off a cabbie a few days back in Chicago so I am sure it was him that lowered my rating. I never knew that Uber riders could be judged just as Uber drivers can. Game on.

6 thoughts on “Changes

  1. Oh my goodness i hadn’t heard about her before… i love the humor she can put into things! Hey, take care of yourself ok… 😉. That is great that the Lithium seems to be helping you!

    p. s. I bet he sounded amazing live.. I have liked him ever since i heard the song he did for that Will Smith movie.. (Concussion i think it was called)

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    1. He was incredible. I hope the Lithium continues to help. If it continues my doc would like to decrease Latuda to my initial starting dose and eventually off. I appreciate that she doesn’t want me taking multiple drugs for the same thing due to the side effects risk. I only take Latuda, Lithum for my brain and synthroid for my lack of a thyroid so I’m doing pretty well I guess. Lots of room to work with if need be.

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      1. That’s a smart doc… I once had a Dr that had me on 7 meds all for my brain..needless to say i found a new one who sounds more like yours… Less meds the better.. Funny thing is i seem to be doing much better on the lamictal and lithium combo. (damn lithium…. I am going to be inserting my foot in my mouth for not trying it sooner if it keeps working like it seems to be doing.. Lol 😉

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