Collateral Beauty

Film is one of my favorite ways to spend my free time and if you’ve been following my blog for awhile, you’re well aware I have a lot of that lately. To me, films represent the way someone has felt or feels at some point. Someone had to experience those things in order to create films, books, paintings, buildings, music, etc. To say that I love art is an understatement especially to my Bipolar mind. Art is …so elegant, sophisticated, delicate, beautiful, relateable, sexy, stimulating, unique, comforting, provocative, and many, many other things in all of its forms. Damn, art sounds a lot like I am describing someone I know. I saw the below trailer, “Collateral Beauty” a few days ago and I’m pretty stoked about seeing it. The release date is set for December 16, 2016 and surely I’ll be less of a hermit by then. That has to happen for many reasons. The plot is that the lead character, portrayed by Will Smith, experiences a personal tragedy that changes his life. Well hell, you had me at personal tragedy. Prior to this life changing tragedy, Smith’s character, Howard was a successful NYC executive. From the trailer I gather that he wasn’t quite the same post tragedy. I’ve been there and I’m sure you have too if you’re reading this. His colleagues devise a  plan to help a recover from said personal tragedy. It seems like the tragedy involves losing his daughter to death as well as the feeling of betrayal from a woman he loved or cared for …I think that must be what is portrayed by Kiera Knightley’s character (she represents love in the whole plan by his colleagues). Perhaps I am wrong and or biased because of my own situation right now. The film features an Oscar winning cast: Helen Mirrin and Kate Winslet. Perhaps this will be the film that finally gets Smith the Oscar that he well deserves. Here’s the trailer:

Did you catch a glimpse of my favorite bridge, The Brooklyn Bridge that is. I never grow tired of that view. My lease is ending in 55 days and perhaps I will relocate back there once all this cancer treatment is completed. I think that would be the best thing for me to do. When I lived in Brooklyn before relocating to where I currently reside…something was just missing and at that time it was J, which made NYC less enjoyable for me. I felt alone in a city of millions upon millions. Since that will no longer be an issue, I might as well go back to the state where I am licensed to design, yea? My temporary license here expired close to 10 days ago. I’m still not 100% percent sure but I’m thinking that’s what I should do. And besides, the ratio of single women to single men in NYC puts the odds in my favor. Just kidding, I’m not even concerned with that at this point honestly, but eventually I will be…at least physically.

I’m also equally excited about the new King Arthur, directed this time by Guy Ritchie. It has a pretty solid cast, Jude Law, Eric Bana, and I think Charlie Hunnam will give a stellar performance. I’ll have to wait a bit longer for this one release date in 2017. Here’s the trailer:

Ready for some good news? My granny and I were using the new Google video chat application Duo (two thumbs up) and …

my granny said she likes my new haircut ….at least I’ve got that going for me.

You want more good news? Man, you’re needy. Lucky for you I have a bit more good news to share. I saw my surgeon yesterday and I don’t require any further surgery at this time as he thinks he got it all! I must say I was slightly disappointed in that being that I had thought of at least 8 cool stories for my surgery scar if I had to have the radical neck dissection…but on the other hand, good news for a change feels really good. I will have a colonoscopy in just a bit and then after I will go for the radioactive iodine pill. I must stay indoors for 3 full days. An excuse to stay inside…ok, sign me up. After those 3 days I will then go for a whole body scan to look for potential spreading. We already know there will be some “uptake” due to my surgeon leaving some of the thyroid behind in order not to make me hoarse for life. Then in six months I’ll have another whole body scan to see if the radioactive iodine worked. Some more good news? The surgeon also said my incision healed very well, almost one of the best that he’s seen. By the time I have the 2nd scan he thinks that the scar will not even be visible unless you’re really, really looking. Which means, you’d have to be within my personal space. Everyone in the office yesterday was quite impressed. For now I have these bad boys.

In some not so good news, I no longer here the cell phone notification vibration auditory hallucinations…but for the last 2 nights when I lay down I hear what sounds like a sports game. Similar sound produced from a television if you lived in say a 1800 sq. ft home with bedroom and living room on opposite ends of the home and the volume was on level 20. It’s not loud by any means, it sounds like cheering and sports commentators. Doesn’t keep me from sleeping and I guess it could be worse. I usually drift off within 5 minutes of snuggling my pillow (I never snuggled pillows until J and now I can’t seem to sleep without that action).

I’ll end on some more good news. My psychiatry appointment went really well this week as did my psychology appointment. I resume CBT next week and that is much needed. Will have to monitor the new auditory hallucinations. Hope everyone has a great weekend.

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