Stage I – II Thyroid Papillary Carcinoma

Well, the biopsy results are in:

Stage I or II papillary carcinoma of the thyroid gland with lymph node involvement. Under the age of 45, the staging doesn’t expand beyond stage II. That sounds great doesn’t it? Not really, it can still be bad, it’s just the staging is a little different. If you’d like to read more about staging, have at it here. The plan today consisted of selecting the best surgeon for the task at hand. I chose Doctor John Preskitt as he came highly recommended by my oncologist. He also happens to have a Beagle, and I can’t lie…that might have sealed the deal as well. Once I meet with him we will move forward. I will undergo a complete thyroid removal as well as lymph node removal in the near future. That’s going to leave one gnarly scar for sure, but will make for a cool story someday. I will then have a full body scan to make sure the cancer has not spread beyond my neck. If it has spread beyond my neck (distant), then it will be further classified as stage II. Four to six weeks after surgery I will have to ingest a radioactive pill, that just sounds … cool. During a short period of time after this pill I will have to be isolated from childbearing people, usually up three days and then gradually make my way out into the world again. An excuse to stay in my apartment? Sign me up. Meanwhile, after surgery I will start taking a synthetic version of the hormone that my thyroid produced. This will not be an easy task as it can take six months to one year to effectively achieve optimal levels. I should expect to be exhausted, gain a little weight (which will be welcomed), and have mood swings, ha. Don’t I already have enough of those? So far I’m taking the news ok. However that does fluctuate hour by hour.

Still not sure 100% what stage cancer I have right now, but at least I know more than I did before. Also, it took me months to let people outside of family know about my cancer last time so I thought I would do it a little differently this time. I do not desire sympathy, just focusing on awareness right now.

Round 2 of cancer…here we go



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