Christopher tumbles

Picture it …I’m exiting the elevator of my apartment building and headed outside to get some fresh air because I had planned to take a long walk near sunset when it’s not sweltering out. I needed to first assess my anxiety level for potential social interactions and to do this I usually just step outside and wait…wait to see if the rapid breathing and heart rate begins. If that happens, I know I’m not up for being social or I’ll either just put in my ear buds and roll with it. I’m not sure anything says “don’t talk to me” more than ear buds. I could be wrong though. I could see my destination, it was right there. This exact view but before making it outside, something got in between the great doors and I ….these stairs you see here. Evil stairs I must add.


I tumbled down this entire flight of stairs …all 6’1″ of me. I sure felt a bit shorter when the situation ended. To be honest, I found the whole ordeal to be hilarious and I know I had a goofy ass grin on my face through it all. Sadly there was no one was around to witness this situation. Although I know it happened fast, to me the tumble seemed happen in slow motion (I remember contemplating ordering thai food on the way down…no kidding). I hit my ass first, then my left side, and from there I seemed to roll the rest of the way down hitting various areas. After coming to a rolling stop, I quickly rose (thankful not to have not lost a tooth in the ordeal) and climbed back up the stairs and back into my comfy zone. But you know what … I fell down and I got up and now…I’m out of here. I’m getting my ass off of the couch and I’m going outside dammit. There is much worry going on in my brain today over the news I revealed in the post  “I’ll be fine once I get it…I’ll be good”. Fresh air will do me good.

Tomorrow I’m sure I’ll wake up with bruises to my ass, hip, ribs, shin, and elbow. Those are all places I am currently sore at the present moment. I know …I know, men are babies, right? At any rate, the bruises will make for an interesting discussion at therapy. Because you know how violent us crazy Bipolars are…someone is bound to think I got into a tussle. Little will they know …I got into a fight with the stairs, and the stairs won.

Christoper: 0

Stairs: 1

P.S. This ladies tumble wins. I first saw this years ago when it was all the rage and I just re-watched it and I laughed as hard as I did the first time.


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