First attempt with blackout poetry

Here are my are my first few failed attempts. It seems as though all of my sharpies dried out during my camping trip. A great architect will always have a ready to go sharpie on hands at all times. I plan on cleaning these up over the next few days if I have more energy. These past few days I’ve been far more drained that usual and I’m not sure what’s up. Actually now that I think about it, I’ll likely not clean these up and just create new ones as these aren’t really fixable due to my lack of control with the stupid dry erase marker. Definitely not like me. I guess I shouldn’t be upset with the marker, what did dry erase markers ever do to me? Nothing.

As I become better at this I am plan on matting and framing a few and giving out as gifts. Personable and thoughtful. You can make them pertinent to the individual you intend to give one to.

# 1 “Stalled because of terror yet spared with recovery.”- Meaning to me? Resonates to my life pretty accurately. I was terrified by diagnosis, some days I still am. Yet, I am on a recovery…daily.


#2 (read from L column to R) “Depressed people cannot claim peace and feel like their lives are nothing.” – Meaning to me? It’s pretty self explanatory.


#3 “Leave no want that will be in charge.” – Meaning to me? Go after things you want, don’t let them simply be in charge of what you desire. Go get it/them.


Those of you familiar with this type of literary creative outlet…is it ok to read from L to R such as in my #2 or should it read more as my featured image?

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