Get rhythm when you get the blues

Anyone who is suffering through Bipolar or knows someone who is probably well aware that our moods are …well, a bit out of rhythm. Time is not of the essence for us and it does take awhile, sometimes a long while for us to get our mood(s) in check. Luckily for us there are a wide variety of avenues we can take. The key is to find out what works best for you. I’m currently using this app called Mood Rhythm (linked here). The application is currently in beta version but if you register you’ll gain access to utilize beta until the full app is released. It’s a self tracking diary that measures important things for us such as sleep, medication, and mood. The full version will track social interaction (this kind of weirds me out but I suppose it’s no different than a creeper listening to your conversations) and help with continuity of care making information available to your clinician (if you choose). The information that is self reported is compiled into easy to read reports with graphs which can make the “big picture” easier to visualize. I just wanted to share with you something that is working for me at the moment just in case there is someone out there who needs a little help getting back in rhythm at the present.

2 thoughts on “Get rhythm when you get the blues

  1. I’m using eMoods. Essentially the same. Tracking sleep, depression, elevation, anxiety and medication. I find it very useful in tracking my progress and I am so glad to see how my moods got from extreme to moderate :).

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  2. It is definitely useful because sometimes I’ll think I had a restful nights sleep and not even realize that I was moving around or just laying there with my mind racing instead of sleeping. Sleep is so important with mental illness. I cant wait for the full version to come out. I will admit, before I was directed to this app I didn’t even know there were mood tracking apps. Great stuff and I’m glad you find them useful as well.


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