Good News Monday, yea…it’s Real

We all know it’s here…Monday. The most awful day of the week for some, because it can mean the beginning of another depressing week. If you fall into that category … I have something for you. Two things: Good news and a good tip.

Good News: This is the best news I’ve heard in the past couple of days. There is a canine abroad known as Freya, or “Britain’s loneliest dog.” Freya, an epilectic, has been passed over by approximately 18,000 people. Can you imagine that…being passed over like a piece of bad meat or a spoiled banana? Well, this pooch doesn’t have to worry anymore…Michael Bay to the rescue. I will actually go and support this film just because of the mere fact that she is now going to find a home. Worst case scenario, she is adopted by Michael Bay…what a tough life that would be (hope you sense the sarcasm here). Have a wonderful life beautiful girl.




Not my image – Source: The Guardian


Good Tip: Are you a brownie crust lover like myself? If so…it’s pretty self explanatory, just do it ok? I recommend the original brownie flavor or the chocolate chip but this is all I could find…it definitely works.


I’m not having the best of days, but I wanted to spread some positivity around…what are you waiting for, go grab some brownie brittle. You’ll thank me later.







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