Sketching can be revealing, maybe too revealing

You can tell a lot about someone from the interpretation of their sketches. No, really you can because the internet says it to be true.

Being that I’m an architect, it should be no surprise that my sketches mostly consist of houses, buildings, and cars (less of this). I’ve never analyzed my own sketch before so lets give it a shot and see if it’s actually bullshit.

Here’s my fresh simple pen sketch from today that we’ll use:


Below is a collaboration of sketch interpretations that I located on various websites in the link provided above:

House interpretations are loosely based on research and on the symbolic meaning of the aspects of the house. Houses or building represent the doodler’s attitude toward his or her home life. Ok, that seems legit.

  • houses definitely ought to have doors and windows which indicate that there’s a way for the resident to see out and for others to see into him/ her
  • A warm, inviting house–one that looks lived in, perhaps with smoke curling from the chimney–suggests the doodler has a happy and positive attitude toward his home life 
  • stark, unadorned or haphazard houses indicate uneasy associations with the doodler’s home life X

“if you find yourself doodling pictures of houses, you probably place a high value on shelter and security”

  • planes, cars, ships, and other vehicles may indicate a desire to travel, alter relationships, or change one’s life X
  • plain houses that have no doors, windows, curtains or smoke coming out of the chimney, you are very likely to be gloomy about something in your life. You might feel lonely and would want to talk to someone at the moment X
  • big houses, with flowers and a garden around it – you are likely to be happy
  • moreover, you might be materialistic; and like big houses, extravaganza and luxuries
  • tall and thin houses suggest a critical mind. These people do not show an open-minded approach towards different things X
  • lines and walls represent boundaries and strengths of the ego
  • weak lines in the structure of the house are weaknesses in the ego X
  • while strong lines are problems with anxiety and a need to reinforce boundaries
  • the roof symbolizes the fantasy life, and extra attention to it can indicate extra attention to fantasy and ideation, while incomplete, tiny, or burning roofs can indicate avoidance of overpowering and frightening fantasies (think about fears of ghosts in the attic – these are based on the association for us) X
  • windows, doors, and sidewalks are all ways that others enter or see into the house, so they relate to openness, willingness to interact with others, and ideas about the environment 
  • shades, shutters, bars, curtains, and long and winding sidewalks indicate some unwillingness to reveal much about yourself (think about expression like windows to the soul or the door to the mind) X
  • big windows, especially in the bathroom, could be exhibitionism desires (not sure if you all can tell, this house is mostly glass) √√√
  • psychotics tends to show ground lines (their need for grounding), clear visions of the insides of the house (they believe their thoughts and mind are open to view by others), strange angles (like their strange thought processes), or a house on the verge of a collapse (like their ego)
  • neat drawing of a house suggests a secure home life
  • a more messy-looking sketch (especially one without windows) indicates unhappiness with your home life X
  • houses pictured isolated on top  of a hill suggests you’re feeling isolated and lonely X


Interpretation of my sketch:

I am a happy doodler that places a high value on security and materialistic items (to feed my strong ego) while maintaining my anxiety, happiness, and openness associated with my psychotic exhibitionism and the need for grounding  in my secure home. What the fuck? Not exactly what I was hoping for here. Good thing it’s time to take my Latuda.


3 thoughts on “Sketching can be revealing, maybe too revealing

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