An Ode to my Budder, Zeke

Has you seen this video of this Boston Terrier on a scooter? If you haven’t …you’re welcome. It makes me smile and I hope it does the same for you.

Bostons are a phenomenal breed and I had the pleasure of having one in my life for thirteen years. I lost Zeke in August of last year. I still miss him on the daily. I can’t remember a period in my life in which I didn’t having a dog. There was Bogues, the chinese pug…Kaiser the Alaskian Malamute.. MaryAnne the mutt … Geronimo the Cocker Spaniel/Lab mix …Leon, the mutt …and Zeke, the Boston Terrier (BT) for short. I loved them all differently but none of them impacted my life in the ways that Zeke did. He actually saved my life once after a failed suicide attempt when he alerted my sister that I had fallen over and was unconscious. It was a great thirteen years spent with my Budder. He was laid back like me and very manner-able, easy to train, and he loved me. I was his human.  It’s been hard for me to think about becoming a dog owner again. I’m nervous, but I definitely am excited for the addition of Atticus soon. I guess I wasn’t in a huge rush because well….one, there is another dog I care about a lot and had planned/hoped to co-parent at some point and two, Zeke is irreplaceable. Atticus is coming into my life to help me better manage my Bipolar. He currently is receiving training in a psychiatric service dog program and I can’t wait to meet the little guy.

Meet Zeke, a robust, little BT of a whopping nineteen lbs that lived to be a senior of thirteen years. He brought much pleasure to anyone that encountered him.  He enjoyed scavenging through bags when I would bring home groceries (he always knew something in one of the bags held something for him). He hated posing for pictures because that required him to sit still for greater than five seconds. He had an affinity for nyla bones, liver treats, flippy flops, Sunday drives, dancing with his dad, and snuggling under the covers. He never gave me any trouble, never ruined anything of mine. The only time he ever used the bathroom inside was when he became sick. We combated a lot together and the amount of loss I feel from his death isn’t measurable. I miss him dearly. Life sure was better when he was around.





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